IoTSF Bucharest

IoTSF Bucharest is a new community of IoT security stakeholders dedicated to helping secure the IoT eco-system relating to Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Join us to learn about best practice and the latest developments in Industry 4.0, join projects and attend events.

The IoTSF Bucharest Chapter is at the heart of industry with a stakeholder group spanning policy, industry, academia with an aim of helping ICS owners and stakeholders tackle the security challenges faced by Industry 4.0.

Our events will be structured around:

  • ICS Security Testing
  • ICS Security Monitoring
  • ICS Architecture
  • ICS GRC Model

Their aim is to explain how Internet of Things will enhance operational activities and cyber resilience of modern industrial facilities. In this regard, we are tailoring our content for a large audience including ICS security professionals, ICS hardware and software product vendors, process operators, system integrators, distributors, insurers, local authorities, government agencies and other stakeholders.

IoTSF Bucharest Founders

Alexandru     Suditu

Enevo Group

Gratiela Magdalinoiu

ISACA Romania

Tiberiu Anghel

Booking Holdings

Alexandru Stanescu

SLV Legal

If you would like to know about IoTSF Bucharest and its upcoming events, click on the meet up community button above or contact us here


The IoT Security Foundation has a mission to help secure the Internet of Things and ‘make it safe to connect’. We do this with a combination of activities such as producing best practice materials, frameworks, reference architectures, policy perspectives, industry reports, events, advocacy, special projects and outreach.

IoTSF believes that cyber security is a team sport which spans the globe, and we therefore encourage collaboration at all levels, in all aspects – from product developers to purchasers to government policy. 

IoTSF regional Chapters are a ‘grassroots activity’ and support our mission by:

  • Maximising the proliferation of high quality IoT cyber security good practice
  • Highlighting specific local issues and enabling solutions
  • Production of good practice materials: Extending contributions into working groups and creation of new working groups
  • Translating best practice materials for wider consumption
  • Extending the Foundation’s reach and promoting membership
  • Exploring liaisons and collaborations with local institutions
  • Developing relationships with National governments
  • Raising awareness of, and helping to align international policy, reducing risk of divergent standards and practice

If you are interested in establishing your own chapter, please read more here.