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The ETSI EN 303 645 specification published in 2020 is the first international standard focussed on consumer IoT cybersecurity. Some governments are already publishing guidance on the standard or even preparing legislation that will impact the IoT producer community – designers, developers, manufacturers and other vendors.

Over the next three months, the Consumer IoT Security Webinar series will allow the IoT ecosystem to hear security experts from the IoTSF membership who will share best practice for complying with the top three consumer IoT cybersecurity provisions:

To make the webinars as accessible as possible to IoT stakeholders in Asia, Europe and the Americas, each of the three webinars will be hosted three times at different times of day. Webinar start times given below across time zones – all sessions run for 2 hours.

[Link to Consumer IoT Security landing page]

Eliminate Universal Default Passwords

Universal passwords weaken IoT security: if one device is compromised, all devices with that password are also compromised. New standards and upcoming regulatory change mean organisations need to assess how their IoT products use passwords and ensure universal default passwords are eliminated.

26th August 13:00 06:00 01:00 05:00
29th September 18:00 11:00 06:00 10:00
27th October 01:00* 17:00 13:00 17:00

* 28th October

Keeping Software Updated

Security software updates are vital because every IoT product is susceptible to vulnerabilities. If updates cannot be provisioned, the security of the product will diminish over time. New standards and upcoming regulatory change mean organisations need to provide transparency on how long their products are supported with security software updates or by other suitable means.

28th August 13:00 06:00 01:00 05:00
1st October 18:00 11:00 06:00 10:00
30th October 01:00* 17:00 13:00 17:00

* 31st October

Manage Vulnerability Reports

Without mechanisms to report, manage and resolve vulnerabilities, the security of consumer IoT products will diminish over time – and the likelihood of attack or abuse will increase. New standards and regulatory change mean organisations need to prepare to receive and manage vulnerability reports and follow coordinated vulnerability disclosure best practices.

1st September 13:00 06:00 01:00 05:00
5th October 18:00 11:00 06:00 10:00
2nd November 02:00* 18:00 13:00 18:00

* 3rd November

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