IoT Security Foundation Annual Conference: Knowing It’s Safe To Connect

December 5th, IET Savoy Place London


Moving beyond headlines and horror stories to showcase real experiences of resilient, fit-for-purpose security

A founding value of IoTSF is “security first”. This speaks to the fact that good security has to be considered from the beginning of the lifecycle and, along with our third value “resilience”, maintained throughout. Much of the work carried out by IoTSF to date has deliberately prioritised the vendor side of the equation for the simple reason that if security capabilities are not provided from the start, fit-for-purpose security is challenged.

Yet, what about the user side of the equation? Does the IoT market understand the implication of insecurity to their business? Do purchasers know what good security looks like or how to ask for it? Are there good examples of how security should be done? This is the next phase of our work – taking security expertise into the application domain.

The 2017 IoTSF annual conference will bring vendors and users together with security experts, researchers and key stakeholders to discuss security “in the round”. Attendees will learn how companies are providing security capabilities and how users are implementing them. This will be framed by a bigger picture view of the contemporary issues and take a look into the future with a view from the research agenda.


Strategic Track Agenda

Session 1: The IoT Security Big Picture

In this session we take a high level look at IoT Security from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), have an address from the Foundation’s chairman, and host a business panel exploring how we drive adoption by changing the negative perceptions of cost and fear that surround the security industry.

Read NCSC Bio

Senior NCSC Speaker
Opening Keynote Address

Read Paul’s Bio

Professor Paul Dorey
CSO Confidential and Chairman
IoT Security Foundation

Chairman’s inaugural address

Read Robin’s Bio

Robin Duke-Woolley
Beecham Research
“The Business Case for Security – shifting from cost to value, and from fear to opportunity”

John Moor
Managing Director
IoT Security Foundation

Session 2: IoT Security Research Themes

Bringing together highly respected and senior academics, in this session we provide briefings and thought provoking talks that further address aspects of IoT security that impact industry.

Read Christof’s Bio

Professor Christof Paar
Chair for Embedded Security
Ruhr University
“Securing the IoT: High-speed Cryptography and Edward Snowden”

Read Tom’s Bio

Professor Tom Sorell
Professor of Politics and Philosophy
University of Warwick
“The Ethics of IoT”

Read Rachel’s Bio

Professor Rachel Cooper OBE
Distinguished Professor of Design Management
Lancaster University
“Living, Working and Moving in the IoT: Using design futures to understand the implications”

Read Máire’s Bio

Professor Máire O’Neill
Research Director
UK Research Institute in Hardware Security
“UK Research Institute in Secure Hardware & Embedded Systems (RISE)”

Session 3: IoT Security in Action #1

This is the first of two real-world case study sessions looking at praxis of IoT security from those who have done it and have stories to tell.

This first session includes an in-depth example from a company that rapidly deployed a consumer product and then had to deal with the prevailing issues, fix errors and manage the business impact. Ultimately the narrative is a story of bad to good, attendees will learn how to avoid a number of the hazards that trip up many new-to-connected-market companies.

The session will host a panel session to further illuminate best practices born from experience and educate the audience as to how to go about product security (and how not to).

Read Hugo’s Bio

Hugo Fiennes
CEO & Co-Founder
Electric Imp

“The Battle of Securing IoT”

Read Gareth’s Bio

Gareth Long
Chief Technical Officer

“Great Expectations!(…or A Tale of Two Kettles)”

Panel Session

 “A Message From Those Who’ve Been There” 

featuring Hugo, Gareth & Special Guests

Session 4: IoT Security in Action #2

In the second case-study session, the virtues of a collaborative approach to security are explored, and how partnerships can deliver superior business value over the life cycle of the IoT product and service.

The session will also be rounded off with an expert panel, providing further insights as to how organisations can leverage security capabilities for business benefit.

Read Dave’s Bio

Dave Locke
Offering Manager
IoT Partner Management & Ecosystem

Read James’s Bio

Dr James McKenzie

Panel Session featuring Dave, James & Special Guests


Technical Session Tracks

Sponsored By

Intel Technical Track Session

“Zero Touch Secure Device Onboarding and Management”

Jan Krueger
Product Manager
Intel Internet of Things Security

AESIN Technical Track Session

“Automotive Digital Resilience & Survivability”

Pete Davies
Technical Director
Thales E-Security
+ special guests

Technical Training Workshop

“IoT Security for Product Managers”

Richard Marshall
IoTSF Plenary Chair &
Director of Xitex Ltd

 “What is RoTten in your home? Uncovering the Risk of Things”

Jonathan Marshall

& Callum Wilson

Directors, Connect Devices

“Applied IoT Security for Healthcare and Industrial”

Paul Lockley
Device Authority

“Hacking Buildings: security flaws in embedded building control systems”

Ken Munro
Pen Test Partners




Haydn Povey
Secure Thingz
+ special guests

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