IoT Security: Protecting your devices, customers and reputation

The Internet of Things introduces a completely new set of security challenges and vulnerabilities for device manufacturers and end-users – whether for the home or the enterprise. The IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) provides free guidance and reports for industry to aid market adoption.

Is Your IoT Security Comprehensive? Test It Against This Peer-Reviewed Compliance Framework

Designing security into your IoT products and systems is the best approach for the health of your business. Working with seasoned practitioners and cybersecurity professionals in the IoT field, the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) has compiled a comprehensive, practical and peer-reviewed IoT Security Compliance Framework to guide your decisions which are self-tailored to your company and products. Now in its second revision, the Framework will work for you and help address today’s threats.

Why 90% Of IoT Businesses Are Failing

New IoTSF research has revealed a fundamental security weakness in 90% of Consumer IoT OEMs. We’re not here to scare you, we’re here to help. We believe that reputable IoT businesses will want to manage their risk exposure and this can be achieved simply and at low cost, by putting a vulnerability disclosure policy in place. This latest IoTSF report is essential reading for manufacturers, OEM’s and technology providers – 90% of you can’t afford to ignore it.

A Simple & Scalable Approach To Enterprise IoT Security

IoT and the enterprise are a perfect combination. The IoTSF’s Architecture and Policy for the Enterprise presents a good approach that offers high levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability. An IoT ecosystem that is more secure, user-friendly, and simple to deploy and manage is achievable for any enterprise. Whatever your current approach, download the IoT Security Foundation’s whitepaper to discover ways to improve the way you can architect your security.

Now OEM’s Can Design Better IoT Hubs For The Home

IoT for the home is unique and OEM’s should consider how they design their IoT hubs. Working with experts in the fields of IoT and cybersecurity, the IoTSF is promoting a hub-based approach to domestic IoT security. We believe this approach to home IoT security is a highly effective way for OEM’s to meet the common security goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability for consumers.

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